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Supportive venture capital

Making a difference

The Key to successful technology businesses is in the management team and getting the right expertise to support them.

Our strategy

7 years

Now in our 7th year, Meridian has made a number of investments to support early stage businesses.

Meridian focus on investments of between £50,000 and £150,000 in technology, media, telecoms and biotech businesses.

We provide our investee companies with honest and meaningful business advice gained through our mixture of Academic, Industry, Banking and Investment backgrounds, enabling us to give essential guidance on core areas such as routes to market, intellectual property, staff recruitment and negotiation.

Our view

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Every business is unique but many experience the same problems during the early years of growth. Meridian's industry knowledge, past transactions and connections has enabled us to help a number of investee companies overcome these early stage barriers and grow to be successful and profitable enterprises.

Meridian Growth Capital was established in 2009 and is an early stage investment fund focused on supporting ambitious management teams and exciting products.

Our experience

Meridian Directors

Hal has an extensive industry background in electronics. In 2008 he sold Quantum Research Group, a company he built up from a garage enterprise, to Atmel for $130m. He has also successfully defended his patents against a number of multinational technology firms.

Darren is an ex-director and founder of the Natwest IT fund. He was also a Director at Barclays Ventures and sat on the BVCA Hi-Tech Committee. He currently holds non-exec directorships with a number of technology companies.

Latest technology news

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