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NewsWhip’s primary capability is to monitor peer-to-peer distribution of news stories by tracking the sharing activity around countless stories every hour.

Utilising its patent-pending technology the company is able to track and identify what news stories are getting social media traction, at that specific time, which consequently enables it to build a real-time picture of what are the most popular news stories across a variety of topics / locations.

NewsWhip has four distinct commercial products to utilise its core technology and marketable creation, these are;

NewsWhip website
An online news source which is primarily based on showing what news is spreading fastest right now.

NewsWhip spike
A product that reveals stories that are just starting to spread fast enabling journalists to spot hot topics in key categories as they develop.

NewsWhip analytics
Real-time and historical social distribution analytics for news sites and blogs.

NewsWhip live
Development of site plug-ins that give a feed of what’s trending in a particular topic through the insertion of a box that displays the stories getting social attention right now in any given topic.