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Meridian Investment continues to impress industry leaders

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Meridian investee company NewsWhip Limited has continued to gain interest from industry leading media and news around the world.


NewsWhip’s Spike product, a tool allowing media professionals to monitor the spread of news topics in social networks, went live in October 2012 and has already attracted over 3,000 signups from the world's leading news organisations, PR firms, and companies. Users include USA Today, NBC, BBC, RTE and CNN to name but a few.


As well as covering the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, New Zealand and Ireland, NewsWhip has continued to expand its reach, recently adding socially powered streams for the Spanish and Portuguese news worlds.


The team at NewsWhip have a number of further developments set for release in the coming months including; 

- German and French Language NewsWhip streams

- Regional coverage: allowing users to see what's trending, city by city

- Widgets: anyone can add a NewsWhip stream to their site


For further information on the NewsWhip Website please visit

To learn more about the NewsWhip Spike tool please visit

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