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Supportive venture capital

Social Media and Advertising

As the divisions between social media and business continue to blur it is becoming more important than ever to ensure you maximise the use of social media.

With the emergence of sites such as LinkedIn and the increased use and availability of apps for a wide range of purposes, the distinction between business and social media has disappeared creating a whole new market place to be exploited by fast moving companies and entrepreneurs.

A major issue for any social media business is converting its users into a revenue stream and advertising is the most common method for doing this. This is an area we have invested in, supporting BlisMobile to enable them to increase their market presence.

As technology continues to blend peoples social and professional lives we are actively looking to support early stage companies with products that we can help them get to market.

Through the Partners extensive experience of managing and supporting the growth of their own, and investment companies we aim to help entrepreneurs gain market presence in a sector where image and intuitive user experience are key factors to success.